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This is not a gambling site, is owned and operated by High Payout Bingo, LLC a strategic alliance with High Powered Promotions, (HPP), a wholly owned subsidiary. We are a KY based International Marketing Company specializing in online advertising with reps in the United States and throughout the world. We provide cost effective & innovative new advertising platforms to national advertisers seeking to target men/women 21-59 years old online at a fraction of the cost our competitors offer.

High Payout Bingo and High Powered Promotions is a multi facetted Marketing Company consisting of top notch sales, online and marketing specialists and maintains strategic alliances with hundreds leading advertising agencies, thousands of consumer goods and service companies, Entertainment, Travel, Spirits and Auto Companies who have expressed interest to be center stage on our site and reap the benefits of advertising and interacting Mono-A-Mono with our sought after customers. High Payout Bingo has strategic alliances with several college fraternities and has in place upon launching 100,000 players ready to play on our site.

The majority of player base will come from the U.S. however key International markets will be targeted: Japan, China, UK, European, Australia and Canada.

The mission of High Payout Bingo is to do much more than just provide free bingo. Bingo players care about three (3) things and our goal is to be the best at all:

- High Paying Cash and Prize Pools
- Low risk
- High chance of winning

At High Payout Bingo we not only provide free bingo, but the richest prize pools in bingo history. With over $2 Million in each event, High Payout Bingo has the largest prize pool in North American history and with events every week we will also shatter the world record for the most paid out in bingo history in a single year. With no risk and 100% chance of winning. High Payout Bingo is the best at everything bingo players care about

High Payout Bingo offers free bingo for real cash and prizes so refer all your friends because when your referrals win, you win!

The Net Result: 100,000's of High Payout Bingo players!


How can High Payout Bingo provide such high prize pools in a free bingo event? We have replaced the source of income from coming from the players to coming from a multitude of marketing and advertising concepts that not only allows us to have free bingo but the sources we use are larger than any traditional pay bingo site. This leads to not only world record payouts but the ability to raise much needed money for many worthwhile charities.

How it works:

Three easy steps are all it takes to participate in the world?s richest free bingo game.

All qualifiers of the main event are guaranteed to win a prize. The smallest prize is $10 cash. Qualify more than once and win more than one prize. To qualify without playing in a qualifying event simply complete enough options to secure 24 qualifying cards. You can then exchange the 24 qualifying cards for a spot in the main event and have one Main Event card that is guaranteed to win. Many will win a new car or thousands in cash and other prizes.